THE BEWGLAS CENTRE is a beautiful house standing in its own grounds and situated in scenic North West Donegal, close to Carrigart and 4km from Downings.

This Christian Youth Centre offers self-catering accommodation for up to 35 people and may be booked on a weekly or weekend basis or even for a day conference.

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You are asked to bring your own pillows, sleeping bags, towels and kitchen linens.


Kitchen with fridge, deep freeze, large gas cooker, microwave, dishwasher, delph and kitchen utensils.

Large Dining Room

Sitting Room with open fire, television, DVD player and VCR.

Snooker Room.

4 large Bedrooms with bunk beds, 8 people per room plus 1 Leaders Room to accommodate 3 people.

Male and Female Toilets, Washrooms and Showers.


  • Tennis
  • Basketball and Volleyball on the all-weather court
  • Table Tennis
  • Snooker
  • Television
  • Video and DVD
  • Games/Football field

Local Attractions

  • Safe beaches
  • golf course
  • pitch 'n' putt
  • driving range
  • leisure centre
  • bike hire
  • horse riding
  • sailing and kayaking at downings beach


Bookings may be made by telephone or e-mail but must be confirmed with a 65 non-returnable deposit within two weeks of provisional booking.

Booking Secretary: Mrs. Verity Payne,
Glen, Carrigart, Co. Donegal, Ireland.
Telephone: 00-353-74-9154718
Mobile: 00-353-87-1234197

Terms: 10 per person per night. (Please note: Minimum price for a group for a weekend is 200.)

Electricity charges are approx. 15 per weekend.

Damages: Groups are asked to please leave the Centre as they would like to find it. All breakages, if not replaced, should be reported to the Caretaker. Your 65 deposit may be used to pay for any such damages.


Booking Secretary: Mrs. Verity Payne, Glen, Carrigart, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Telephone: 00-353-74-9154718
Mobile: 00-353-87-1234197
E-mail: bewglascentre@hotmail.com

Caretaker and Treasurer: Mr. Andrew Speer, Figart, Carrigart, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Telephone: 00-353-74-9155117
Mobile: 00-353-87-6201043

**Collect keys from Andrew on arrival**

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